Articles by Officers of Headquarters of Integrated Defence Staff

  1. Concept of Jointness - Col GS DSSC.
  2. Cyber Security in India - Col SS Raghav.
  3. Integration of training division of MoD - Col Ajay Seth(JTC).
  4. Jointmanship - The IDS Way - Col SA Rehman.

  5. Jointmanship - Col RS Cheema.

  6.   Level of jointmanship Indian Army - Col Anoop Kumar.

  7.   Measure to achive jointness - Lt Col Arjun Gupta.

  8.   Need of a Joint Services - Brig Sunit Kumar.

 9.  The Paradigm of Jointness - Air Cmde PP Khandekar.

 10.  Thought on Joint operationin Indian context - Col George Jacob.

 11.  Training and mindset - Air Cmde A Subramaniam.

 12.  An article on Communication Interoperability An Essential Ingredient for Jointness - Col GS Saroya.

 13.  An article on Training for Joint Manship - Brig SV Bhindi.

 14.  An article on ' Effects Based Operations - A Joint Approach in the Indian Content' - Capt Srikant B      Kesnur.

 15.  An article on A Paper on Synergy Jointedness in the armed forces with Special Focus on DEF INT - Brig A K Bali.

 16.  An article on Governance Challenges in China and Their Regional and Global Consequences - Col Navneet Kumar Brig Pk vij.

 17.  An article on Integrated Training To Achieve Jointness - Col AK Yadav.

 18.  An article on Jointmanship-Foreign Liaison - Cmde Manjeet Singh.

 19.  An article on Net Assessment and Jointness - Brig Rumel Dahiya.

 20.  An article on Promoting Jointmanship - Brig RS Jamwal.

 21.  An article on Promoting Jointness Some Random Thoughts - Brig SS Dasaka,.