1.    Lieutenant General Anil Chait, in his formulative years has been associated with the special Action Group (The Black Cats) of the National Security Gaurds, which he helped raise.He was awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal during his tenure with the force for rendering distinguished service in Counter Terrorism Operations. He has served with an infantry division, as Colonel General Staff on the Line of Control during Operation Parakram. He has been involved in the career management of officers while working with the Military Secratary's branch of Army Headquaters and dealt with challenges of age extension. Subsequently in the Perspective Planning Directorate as Deputy Director General (Strategy), he has been involved with formulation of National and Military Security Strategy & Policy.

2.    The officer commanded an Armoured Regiment and an Independent Armoured Brigade with distinction on the Western Borders and was involved in the conversion of an Infantry Brigade to an amphibious brigade besides developing operational and organizational percepts of the future force such as RAMFOR. Displaying exemplary leadership, he brought glory to the Indian Military and the nation by organizing the 4th edition of Military World Games successfully.

3.    As General officer Commanding Corps, he has been responsible for the study on the Restructuring of the Strike Crops and its subsequent validation during Exercise Vijayee Bhava which not only redefined rapid response as part of proactive strategy for application of joint air land power but enmeshed in it, third dimensional manoeuvre for executing synergized operations thereby making it a transformational trailblazer for FORCE-2025. he took over as Commandant, Army War College on 01Aug 2011.

4.    Pioneering initiatives have defined his tenure at the Army War College. These include converting the institution from being repository , to disseminator of knowledge through porting of knowledge on knowledge highway. Setting up Study Center(s) for domain specialization and transformation of the College into a Center of Excellence for training leaders to win the Nation's Wars.

5.    He has the proud distinction of attending the US Army War College and being awarded Medal of Excellence.

6.    As GOC-in-C, the General Officer contributed towards making the Central Army, a relevant and ready component of land power. Organisation and reenergizing of the Heartland Army has entirely been directed towards consolidation of the strategic pivot of the Country with optimization of the war waging effort for conventional operations and employment of soft and smart power for preventing deployment of hard power for sub-conventional role. He dedicated his Army and implored them to be in 'Service of People'.

7.    The General provided the ground leadership and coordinated the rescue & relief operation in Uttarakhand under 'OP SURYA HOPE' where the army evacuated around forty thousand stranded pilgrims from inaccessible areas, in a planned & organized manner without injury or death in about 14 days.

8.    The Gen Officer took over as CISC on 01 July 2013.