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  Organizational Set-up




    The Integrated Defence Staff and associated structures have been created under the provisions of Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter number MoD/IC/1027/32/IDS/5843/2001 dated 23 November 2001. The Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to the Chiefs of Staff Committee (CISC) will support the Chairman and the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC) in the optimal performance of their role and functions.



      Organisational Structure

    The Integrated Defence Staff comprises of Service Officers, Civilian Officers and Scientists and they are allocated duties, roles and functions based on responsibilities of Integrated Defence Staff. It is organised into the following major branches:-

  > CISC Secretariat including Scientific Advisor to CISC and Financial Advisor to CISC
> Policy, Plans and Force Development
> Operations
> Doctrine, Organisation and Training
> Defence Intelligence Agency
> International Affairs

> Directorate of Net Assessment
> Medical Branch


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