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  1.    HQ IDS web site is hosted on the National Informatics Centre (NIC) servers at URL http://ids.nic.in The site provides essential information on HQ IDS and the defence planning process.† It also provides links to web sites of the three Services, inter-service institutions and other defence agencies/establishments.
  2.   The web site, as originally published, consists of the following sections :-
     (a)†  History.†† Provides coverage of erstwhile Joint Secretary (Military) (JS (Mil)) and Director General     Defence Planning Staff (DG DPS) and describes the genesis of HQ IDS.  
††    (b)†  Organization.Provides information on role of Chairman of Integrated Defence Staff to Chairman     Chiefs of Staff Committee (CISC), bio-data of CISC and organization of HQ IDS.
     (c)   Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC).† Provides details of composition and role of COSC.  
     (d)   Research.† This section is intended to be the major interactive and expanding component of the    web site.† It provides content related to the strategic defence planning process and links to such      information available on external sites.  
     (e)†  Whatís New.† Provides information on changes to the web site and recent coverage of HQ IDS in    the media. It is also intended to provide information pertaining to current activities of HQ IDS.
   (f)   Andaman & Nicobar (A & N) Command.† Explains the status of A&N Command.  
     (g)  Search..† Provides a facility to search HQ IDS web site using keywords.  
     (h)  Feedback.. Assists the visitor in submitting feedback/ comments.  
†† 3.    The design of the web site is not intended to be static and will continue to undergo changes as per the evolving scenario and feedback from the environment.  


  3.     Policy..† The basic purpose of the web site is to :-  
          (a)    Disseminate to the environment the role, functions and current activities of HQ IDS, within the              constraints of information dissemination policy of the defence services.  
††         (b)    Provide a forum for and promote discussion and dissemination of ongoing efforts in furthering the         defence planning process, particularly in a joint services context.
†† 4.†     Sources of Content.†† Original content and links to or reviews of external content can be submitted by   the following :- ††††††  
  (a)††††† All branches/divisions/directorates of HQ IDS. †††††††††

(b)††††† Any Service HQ/inter-service institution/defence agency in their official capacity.

(c)††††† Defence services officers/PBOR in their personal capacity.

(d)††††† Any civil agency/institution engaged in/involved with the defence planning process.

(e)††††† Eminent retired defence officers or civilians involved in the study/analysis of defence planning.
  5.     Type of Content.† Since maximum size of the website has to be kept within manageable limits, only content of high quality, consistent with the content policy will be posted.† The following guidelines will be adhered to:-  
  (a)††††† Content available/based on openly published sources may be posted on the site without restriction.
(b)††††† Where content is based on information available to contributors in their official capacity, it† will be ensured that its submission for dissemination on HQ IDS web site is not in violation of the information dissemination policy of their respective organization(s).
(c)††††† No content will be posted on the site which is intended to spread disaffectation with any official policies of the Government of India,† promote controversy over any inter-service issues or is           derogatory/libelous in any manner to any person/organization.
(d)††††† No content will be posted on the site on which any other person/agency holds a copyright unless the contributor has obtained express authorization from the copyright holder for such use of the content.
(e)††††† All references to original work of any other author/contributor will be duly annotated and ascribed as such.
(f)††††††Contributors will, in general, ensure that their submissions in no way lend themselves to the charge of plagiarism in any manner and are not violate the intellectual property rights of any person/agency.
6.       Method of Contribution.  
            (a)     Form.†† All content for posting on the web site will be submitted in electronic from
          (e- mail/CD/floppy disk) to the Webmaster (Director Systems & JCES).† Where the content is required to           be approved by the superior of the contributor, a hard copy will also be provided along with a           certificate as given at Appendix.
          (b)      Approval and Submission.† Content from outside HQ IDS, duly approved by the next immediate           superior of the contributor (if applicable), will be received directly by the Webmaster.† After initial           scrutiny and editorial review, the Webmaster will have the content approved by the appropriate           authority to ensure that posting the content on the web site causes no breach of security. †  

[Refers to Para 6 (a)]



1.†††††† It is certified that the accompanying material for posting on Headquarters Integrated Defence Staff web site meets all the conditions enumerated in the Standing Operating Procedure for Updation and Maintenance of HQ IDS Web Site - Nov 2002, as amended from time to time and also displayed on the web site itself.

2.††††††† It is also agreed that HQ IDS is free to make use of the submitted material in any manner for updating the web site and HQ IDS has no obligation towards the originator or any third party for such use.

Date†††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Name, Designation and Signatures of† Originator †††††††††††


Certified that I have personally examined the accompanying material for posting on HQ IDS web site and the same is approved in terms of the information dissemination policy of this organization.

Date†††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††Name, Designation and Signatures


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