International Co-operation

International Defence Cooperation Cell was initially created as part of PP&FD Branch with a rep from all three Services and upgraded to a Dte in 2005 and placed directly under the CISC. It is a single point agency in HQ IDS to handle all issues relating to International Defence Cooperation and is responsible for implementation of Tri-Services Defence Cooperation as mandated by Foreign Policy of the Govt of India.

Dte of IDC coordinates Defence Cooperation engagements as approved by Min of Def. Also, the Dte maintains lateral liaison with Min of Def and Min of External Affairs, and Defence Cooperation with all Friendly Foreign Countries. Dte of IDC provides inputs to steer policy on Defence Cooperation and advice on implication of cooperation with various countries. It conducts security briefing to foreign delegations and dignitaries on India’s Strategic and Security Perspective. It also promotes Joint Operations and Joint Service aspects and Co-chair/ coordinates all Joint Services Talks (MSGs/ MCG). The Dte also participates in all MoD level Defence Cooperation forums whenever asked to.

HQ IDS/ Dte of IDC has been entrusted to conduct various MCG/ MSG/ MSC meeting and Staff Talks with various foreign countries.